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Our teachings have been passed down from generations of masters who took care to preserve the traditional theories, principles, and postures. We are deeply grateful to our progenitors, and we wish to honor them by doing our best to practice and teach an authentic art, emphasizing the most important fundamental components of the practice, and encouraging students to develop a deep understanding of how Tai Chi Chuan philosophy can be effectively applied to movement, martial arts, and everyday life.

Chang, San-Feng

Wang, Chung-Yueh

Chen, Chang-Hsing (1771-1853)

Yang, Lu-Chan (1799-1872)

Yang, Jian-Hou  (1839-1917) Yang,  Pan-Hou (1837-1892)

Yang, Cheng-Fu (1883-1936) Yang,  Shao-Hou (1862-1930)

Chen, Wei-Ming (1881-1958)

Leung, King-Yu (1907-2003)

Alwin Sit Sun Leung (1948-2017)

Tom Lau, Paul Huang, Quang Phan, Simon Luk, Grant Zukel

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